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SMS / Text Message Marketing

SMS / Text Message Marketing

Connect with your audience through the channel they prefer – on their cell phone! 8 out of 10 mobile users are actively using text messaging. In 2012, 2.270 trillion text messages were sent globally. 98% of text messages are open immediately because users value the information or communication they are receiving.


SMS Marketing Benefits • Attract customers, boost sales, increase ROI
• Easily grow contact database
• Get valuable feedback from customers
• Quickly announce important messages and alerts
• Reduce missed appointments with instant text reminders
• Works on flip phones and smart phones

SMS Marketing Features

  • SMS Blasts - Send a text message to individual contacts or entire distribution lists at once.
  • Mobile Keywords - Instantly collect mobile numbers while distributing hot deals or important information.
  • Mobile Keyword Data Capture - Have an automated SMS conversation to collect valuable contact info like names, phone numbers, email, and more.
  • Mobile Coupons - Boost traffic and sales by sending coupons directly to your customers' mobile phones.
  • QR Codes - Give your audience immediate access to a variety of different information or direct them to your website with a quick QR code scan
  • MMS - Get your message across with more than just words by sending an exciting picture or video message.
  • Mobile Voting - Gather valuable feedback from your audience while collecting their mobile numbers at the same time.
  • Text-to-Screen - Add a fun twist to any event and let your audience text fun messages to a live display screen for all to see.
  • Appointment Reminders - Reduce missed opportunities and minimize no-shows by sending appointment text reminders.
  • Shuffle Responder - Great for a variety of applications like daily jokes or inspirational sayings.

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